How to Find Golden Key Cards and Unlock Bunker in Warzone Season 4

The legendary bunkers make a return.

June 23, 2022

Warzone’s latest season has kicked off, and it brings back bunkers with a twist, with players needing Golden Key Cards to unlock these bunkers.

The bunkers are spread across the Caldera map in Warzone, and there are only a total of seven bunkers spanning across the entire map. These bunkers are pretty easy to locate considering the fact that they are located near POIs. POIs are basically the named locations on the map. If you are wondering where you can find these bunkers, you can find their locations of them below.

  • North of Fields
  • Northwest of Resort
  • Southeast of Lagoon
  • Between Digsite and Mines
  • East of Power Plant
  • South of Runway
  • South of Docks

If you have played the game in previous seasons, you might be well aware of the fact these places have a lot of players dropping around, so you will definitely be having a hard time in these locations. But before you can access these bunkers, you need to ensure that you have access to the Golden Key Cards of these locations.

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To get these golden key cards, you need to either complete contracts or loot them from nearby crates. Ideally, these key cards are located near the bunkers, so you should find them near the POIs themselves. However, many players have reported that they have found the golden key cards as drops farther away from the bunkers as well. So nothing can be said for sure since it is very much possible that the key card drops are pretty random.

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