How to Find Groves, Meadows, and Snowy Slopes in Minecraft 1.18

November 30, 2021

It’s finally here – the long-awaited Minecraft 1.18 Caves & Cliffs Part 2 has launched on November 30th to all players. Mountain biomes have been entirely revamped, bringing three new sub-biomes for players to explore: Groves, Meadows, and Snowy Slopes.

Groves, Meadows, and Snowy Slopes are all unique forms of the Mountain biome, adding more character and variety to the slopes in Minecraft. Here’s everything you need to know about each of them.

What are Groves?

Groves are one of 1.18’s new mountain biomes. You’ll normally find them in high altitudes – on the slopes of a snowy mountain beneath the peak and on hilltops next to forested biomes. There’s also a chance for it to generate at a lower altitude, but only if next to a snowy biome.

Minecraft 1.18 Grove

Though similar to the Snowy Taiga, Groves will have a surface of snow blocks and powder snow rather than grass blocks. You’ll only be able to find Spruce trees in this biome, but luckily, you can find a number of different animals here. Rabbits, wolves, foxes, sheep, pigs, chickens, and cows will all spawn in Groves. Just be careful, because Pillager outposts can also crop up in Groves!

What are Meadows?

Where you’ll find mountains, you’ll likely find a Meadow biome. Generating on the lower sides of mountains and as standalone biomes in plateaus, Meadows will usually be found next to Plains or other non-snowy biomes.

Minecraft 1.18 – Meadow biome (left) next to Plains biome (Right)

Meadows are large, flowery, grassy areas that generate at higher altitudes than Plains biomes. You’ll find that the grass is a cooler-toned green than Plains grass blocks and that the color of the water is a deeper blue. As the name suggests, all sorts of plants spawn in Meadows – grass, tall grass, and all small flowers except for blue orchids, tulips, lilies of the valley, or wither roses (of course). Trees rarely appear in this biome, but if they do, it’ll be either Birch or Oak, and will always have a bee nest.

Meadows are especially unique because it’s the only mountain biome where villagers can generate. You’ll find Plains villages and pillager outposts here, amidst the rabbits, donkeys, and sheep.

What are Snowy Slopes?

Entirely covered in snow, snow blocks, and powder snow, Snowy Slopes are fairly easy to identify in-game. This biome will generate in the upper slopes of a snowy mountain or on a hilltop next to less forested areas. As the name suggests, you’ll usually only find them at higher altitudes, but there’s a chance they can generate at lower altitudes in other snowy biomes.

Minecraft 1.18 Snow Slopes (front) with other snowy biomes (back)

Barren and freezing, Snowy Slopes are one of the more dangerous areas. You’ll be in danger of freezing from the powdered snow, getting attacked by pillagers in their outposts, and getting rammed by a goat. Though, you will find rabbits and naturally-generated igloos here, so it isn’t all icy danger!

And that’s all for finding Groves, Meadows, and Snowy Slopes in 1.18! Check out DualShockers’ other guides for more Minecraft content.

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