How to Find Mangrove Swamp and Grow Mangrove Tree in Minecraft 1.19 The Wild

June 8, 2022

Minecraft’s latest update, The Wild is finally here and it will be adding Mangrove trees along with Mangrove Swamps to the game.

If you are wondering how you can locate these Mangrove Swamps, you might need to explore quite a bit. These biomes only spawn at locations where the weather is quite humid and warm. Think about regular swamps, and the mangrove swamps are pretty much the same. They spawn at similar locations as regular swamps, so if you are acquainted with them, you should be able to find these with ease as well.

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As usual, you can simply use a command to find these swamps as well. All you need to do is type /locatebiome mangrove_swamp in the terminal and it will automatically show you where the nearest mangrove swamp is. Considering the fact that these swamps can actually be anywhere, your best bet is to use the command, since locating one on your own can be quite a troublesome task.

You will see a lot of mangrove trees in these mangrove swamps and might be wondering how you can grow these mangrove trees. Well, it is slightly different from the regular trees. While regular trees grow from saplings mangrove trees grow from propagules. These propagules can be found in existing mangrove trees, so you need to find one of them before you can grow trees on your own.

After getting propagules, you need to put them underwater or on the ground to grow them. There is not much to do apart from waiting, and your mangrove tree should grow automatically. Do note that it might take a bit of time for it to grow since the growth time is much more than regular trees. The regular tricks work here as well, and you can use bonemeal to fasten up things.

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