How To Find Mutagel And Mutagen In Ark Genesis Part 2?

Find this rare item to create Mutagen and tame dinos!

After a long wait, Studio Wildcard has finally released the final storyline for Ark: Survival Evolved. With the arrival of Ark: Genesis Part 2, several new creatures, weapons, and other items have appeared in the game.

In order to fulfill their missions, players need to find several items in the game that helps in upgrading or creating other items in the game.

One such item is Mutagel In Ark: Genesis Part 2 which players need to find in order to progress in the story.

In this guide, we shall take a look at how to find Mutagel in Ark and how to use it to create Mutagen.

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ARK: Ultimate Survivor Edition – Launch Trailer

ARK: Ultimate Survivor Edition – Launch Trailer

Mutagel Location In Ark Genesis Part 2

The Mutagen is a resource that enables the survivor to further evolve their existing tames in Ark: Genesis Part 2. It can also be used to improve the statistics of non-bred dinos in the game.

Mutagel can also be crafted into Mutagen at a Chemistry bench, which can be used later to tame Stryders. It takes 800 Mutagel to make 1 Mutagen so make sure you collect lots of it.

Space Area

To get Mutagel from rocks, you can head over to the space area where you can find different rocks depending on the time of the day.

Next, you need to look for orange/golden colored rocks in the space area to mine Mutagel. These rocks are scattered in the area and they contain both Mutagel and Ambergris inside it.

Mutagel rocks

You can use a pickaxe to break the rocks and collect Mutagen from it.

Alternatively, you can obtain Mutagel in Rockwell’s Innards biome from a Mutagen plant. It yields 1 Mutagel and 1 Plant Species R Seed. It can also trigger a defense against multiple Summoner and their minions.

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