How to Find the P.T. Demo in the PSN Store; Check Out 50 Minutes of Horror-Filled Gameplay

By Al Zamora

August 12, 2014

Once I saw P.T. during Sony’s Gamescom conference I knew this would be one of those titles that had the potential to bring the horror game genre to the next level.  P.T. was announced for the PS4 and a quick trailer was shown that posed more questions than answers but it did show some gamer’s reactions and let’s just say no one was laughing. More importantly they also announced that “An interactive teaser is available for download now.”

Once that news hit there was a mad dash to the PS Store where many gamers came to the same conclusion, P.T. was no where to be found. So how do you find the P.T. interactive trailer? It is simple really, make sure to be logged into the North American PS Store and do not even bother looking for it in the demo section. Instead use the Search Bar function and type in P.T. and the PSN game will pop up weighing in at about 1.5 Gb, download that and away you go into a horrific experience.

Here is a clip of me playing for the first time and genuinely being creeped out by the ambiance of the game and sounds that shrill in your ear. P.T. does a great job in making your mind work and making you anticipate things that may or may not be there. There is no need for the interactive demo to be bathed in blood or monsters, it actually instead runs you through the same hallway over and over, while achieving a frightening outcome.

No release date has been announced for P.T. but I think it is highly likely we will not see this title until 2015.
Quick update: Looks like it is confirmed that P.T. is actually a new Silent Hill game being made in conjunction with Guillermo Del Toro and Kojima.

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