How to get a Ladybug and Neon Ladybug in Roblox Adopt Me!

How to get a Ladybug and Neon Ladybug in Roblox Adopt Me!

The latest Adopt Me! update adds one of the cutest pets to the game.

Roblox has a wide range of games for players out there. With almost 20 billion visits and over 500k concurrent monthly players, Adopt Me! is the most popular Roblox game. In Adopt Me! players can adopt, raise and dress up a wide range of pets. Alongside that, there are a number of activities players can take part in such as trading their pets with other players, and decorating their houses as well. Recently, the creators of Adopt Me!, DreamCraft, released the Farm Shop Update for the game.

The update adds the Farm Shop in the game, which can be used to buy food for your pets. Alongside that, there is tons of new content including new items, pets, locations, and much more. Quite notable of all was the introduction of the all-new pet — the Ladybug. Soon after it was announced, the pet became a sensation in the community with some even considering it as one of the cutest pets in the game. If you are wondering how you can get the Ladybug in Roblox Adopt Me!, here is all you need to know about it.

How to get a Ladybug and Neon Ladybug in Roblox Adopt me!

The Farm Shop Update added three variants of the Ladybug in the game. This made it the second bug-type pet in the game, alongside the Bee. There is the ultra-rare Ladybug, the legendary Golden Ladybug, and finally, the legendary Diamond Ladybug. Unfortunately, this cute little pet is not available for purchase directly via Robux. Instead, players need to buy an item to tame it, just like the Bee and the Penguin.

To get a Ladybug, players need to purchase the Diamond Lavender for 199 Robux. The Diamond Lavender can be purchased from Lily at the Farm Shop. Once players have bought the Diamond Lavender, they need to equip it from their inventory. All Ladybugs near the player will start swirling around once the Diamond Lavender is equipped. After that, players need to tap anywhere on the screen to drop the Diamond Lavender. One of the Ladybugs will eventually eat the Diamond Lavender and it will be added to your inventory.

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Players can buy Diamond Lavender from Lily

While this sounds pretty straightforward, there is a slight catch. Just obtaining a Diamond Lavender doesn’t guarantee that you will get a Ladybug. There is a given probability of taming a Ladybug and it varies according to the rarity of the Ladybug. Here are the chances of taming each of the Ladybugs:

  • Ladybug – 35 in 40 chance
  • Golden Ladybug – 4 in 40 chance
  • Diamond Ladybug – 1 in 40 chance

As you can see, it isn’t quite difficult to get a normal Ladybug, but if you are eyeing the legendary Diamond Ladybug, you need to spend quite a large amount of Robux. Alternatively, you can also trade the pet from another player.

Once you have the Ladybug, you might be wondering how you can obtain a Neon Ladybug. Well, the process is the same as for obtaining other Neon pets. You need to make sure you have four fully-grown Ladybugs. Take them to Neon Cave and they will fuse to form the Neon Ladybug. If you combine four Neon Ladybugs, you will get the Mega Neon Ladybug. While the normal Ladybug has both the Neon and Mega Neon variant, the Diamond and Golden Ladybugs only have a Neon form. In its Neon form, the Ladybugs have glowing spots, antennae, wings, and feet. While in the Mega Neon form, these areas cycle through the colors of the rainbow.

That’s all you need to know about adopting a Ladybug in Roblox Adopt Me! While it is a bit difficult to adopt the Ladybug, it might be well worth the try considering it is one of the most popular pets in the game right now.