How to Get a Wii U Pro Controller for Less Than $30

How to Get a Wii U Pro Controller for Less Than $30

Recently, Kmart priced down their stock of Wii U Pro Controllers (which normally cost $49.99) to just $28.68. The problem is, many buyers will be hard-pressed to find a Kmart with the controller in stock and online shipping isn’t available. Luckily, there’s a rather simple solution to this issue.

You simply take advantage of Best Buy, Target or Walmart’s “Price Match” policy. This is done by having a printed copy of the advertised price with you, in this case it being of the displayed priced on Kmart’s online store. Also have the ad ready on your smartphone in case they want to verify the product.

Make sure to be persistent, as often the cashier doesn’t want to give you the price match even if it’s completely valid. I went through this myself at Best Buy but managed to get the price match done. Here’s proof, as outlined in my sales receipt:


The perks of getting a Wii U RC are numerous: the comfort of the controller, the 70+ hours battery life and the button layout. I would definitely suggest purchasing one at this price.