How to Get and Use Gems in New World, Game System Explained

Introduction guide to the Gems system in New World, with all the resources you need to understand this typical game system found in MMORPGs.

By Iyane Agossah

September 30, 2021

New World, the ambitious MMORPG by Amazon Games, has finally been released after several Alpha and Beta tests, and while veteran MMO players have been enjoying it, the game managed to attract several neophytes too, and you might be wondering how to make use of the Gems in your possession. We’re here to help.

If you’re used to Hack’n Slash, RPG, JRPGs, and especially mobile gacha games from the last decade, Gems are the exact kind of system you’ve seen countless times there. Sometimes called names such as Units, Magatama, or Supporters. If this still doesn’t ring a bell, well, keep reading.

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Outer Wilds | Echoes of the Eye Launch Trailer

Outer Wilds | Echoes of the Eye Launch Trailer

New World Gems system explained

If you aren’t familiar with that, then Gems are what we call a Socket system. In JRPGs or pretty much any game inspired by Diablo‘s loot system, there are rarer versions of items and equipment that might have the same appearance and stats as the normal version but feature a major difference, the presence of Sockets or Slots.

By inserting certain items in Sockets, in the case of New World it’s Gems, you can boost the equipment’s base stats, or strengthen some of its properties. It’s like if your equipment is able to equip something itself. As such, items with Sockets are much more valuable than the same item without Sockets.

Gems have different Rarities, and the higher the Rarity, the more efficient and valuable the Gem is. Certain Gems might also seem useless at first but might become very valuable when selling to other players depending on how the meta of New World will change in the future.

Gems tier list compiled by players so far, where to find Gems

In New World, Gems are found after defeating enemies and they’re one of the many drop items you can loot. Gems can be found in supply crates as well. Lastly, you can also craft them yourself or buy them from other players.

As for the currently known Gems, players have compiled a list of every discovered Gem so far, listed by Rarity, and with a tier list.

New World has only been out for a few days (September 28) and it’s already a massive suscces. For now. it’ll be interesting to see whether the game actually manages to keep its player base or if the hype will quickly die down. Be sure to check our other guides on the MMO if you need more help.

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