How to Get Animal Crossing New Horizons New Nook Miles in Version 2.0

It needs a little bit of hard work.

November 4, 2021

Update your game to Version 2.0 and start the hard work to earn the Animal Crossing New Horizons new Nook Miles achievements.

While the Version 2.0 update for Animal Crossing New Horizons was supposed to launch on November 5, Nintendo released the update a day early in a surprising move.

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This is the final content update for Animal Crossing New Horizons, but it still adds a lot of new content to the game. If you want, even more, you should purchase the Happy Home Paradise expansion which is available right now.

In Version 2.0, there are nine new Nook Miles achievements and you can earn them by completing various quests. Each Nook Mile covers a different activity in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

Below, you can check out the full list of objectives for the new Nook Miles. (Thanks, AnimalCrossingWorld!)

Animal Crossing: New Horizons | Ver. 2.0 Free Update

Animal Crossing: New Horizons | Ver. 2.0 Free Update

Animal Crossing New Horizons New Nook Miles


  • Unlock 10 Cooking DIY Recipes; Ever-Improving & Test Chef Titles
  • Unlock 30 Cooking DIY Recipes; Skilled & Cooked Titles
  • Unlock 50 Cooking DIY Recipes; Homestyle & Chef Titles


  • Cook 300 Meals; Scorching & Gourmet Titles
  • Cook 500 Meals; Sugary & Sweets Titles
  • Cook 1000 Meals; Spicy & Head Chef Titles
  • Cook 2000 Meals; Gourmet & Epicure Titles
  • Cook 3000 Meals; Culinary & Glutton Titles


  • Dig Up 300 Gyroids; Rain-Soaked & Gyroid Titles


  • Collect 5 Kinds of Gyroids; Distinctive & Curator Titles
  • Collect 15 Kinds of Gyroids; Whimsical & Statue Titles
  • Collect 20 Kinds of Gyroids; Novel & Symbol Titles


  • Plant 5 Vegetable Starts; Field-Fresh & Fertilizer Titles
  • Plant 20 Vegetable Starts; Locally Sourced & Soil Titles
  • Plant 50 Vegetable Starts; Sustainable & Soil Titles
  • Plant 100 Vegetable Starts; Hardworking & Days Titles
  • Plant 200 Vegetable Starts; Green-Thumbed & Success Titles


  • Harvest 10 Vegetables; Farming & Greenhorn Titles
  • Harvest 50 Vegetables; Crop-Tending & Crops Titles
  • Harvest 150 Vegetables; Vibrant & Baby Titles
  • Harvest 500 Vegetables; Nurturing & Young’un Titles
  • Harvest 1000 Vegetables; Thriving & Populace Titles


  • Sail with Kapp’n 3 Times; Sun-Kissed & Boater Titles
  • Sail with Kapp’n 10 Times; Household & Provider Titles
  • Sail with Kapp’n 20 Times; Voyaging & Explorer Titles
  • Sail with Kapp’n 30 Times; Family-Minded & Parent Titles
  • Sail with Kapp’n 50 Times; Impressive & Family Titles

Drinking (Coffee!)

  • Drink Coffee 5 Times; Aromatic & Beans Titles
  • Drink Coffee 10 Times; Caffeinated & Regular Titles
  • Drink Coffee 20 Times; Fragrant & Break Titles
  • Drink Coffee 30 Times; Rich & Blend Titles
  • Drink Coffee 50 Times; Acidic & Barista Titles


  • Join Group Stretching 3 Times; Peppy & Kids Titles
  • Join Group Stretching 10 Times; Athletic & Fitness Fan Titles
  • Join Group Stretching 20 Times; Sporty & Athlete Titles
  • Join Group Stretching 30 Times; Peak-Performing & Bodybuilder Titles
  • Join Group Stretching 50 Times; Stoic & Health Nut Titles

Animal Crossing New Horizons is now available exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

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