How to Get Deva Rengoku for Free in Roblox Shindo Life

Get prepared for a tough battle!

By Mehrdad Khayyat

July 4, 2021

Wondering how to get the rare Deva Rengoku bloodline in Shindo Life? Well, if a little bit of grind would mind you, we can probably help you out with that.

Roblox‘s Shindo Life is one of the popular titles on the platform at the moment, offering a lot of content. The Deva Rengoku Bloodline is one of the new collectible Bloodlines in the game that you can achieve for free with a little bit of grind.

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In order to get this Bloodline, you have to pick a relatively tough battle against a boss. Below, we have provided all the details for you.

Roblox: Super Striker League Trailer

Roblox: Super Striker League Trailer

How to Get Deva Rengoku for Free

Run the game and press “Play” in the main menu. Now select the Ember 250 YC region as your spawn location and wait for the game to load it.

Now, there are two different ways that you can jump into the battle against a boss to eliminate him and earn the Deva Rengoku Bloodline.

Press the “L” button, then head over to the Main Missions and scroll down to the bottom of the list and find the “Fight DEVA” mission. Select “Go” to start the mission.

The second way is to go to the Travel tab in the main menu and teleport to the Pain event which will, again, send you to the fight against DEVA.

Keep in mind that the chance to get the Deva Rengoku bloodline is less than 100%, so you might need to defeat him a few more times to finally get the bloodline drop from him.

Roblox is now available for free on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Android, iOS, and PC.

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