How To Get Eidolon Phylaxis In Warframe 30.7 Nidus Prime Update

By Dean James

September 8, 2021

The Warframe 30.7 Nidus Prime update just dropped earlier today and with it plenty of new content that brings back the very useful Eidolon Phylaxis.

Warframe’s Nidus Prime update is the one that people have been waiting for, adding to the years of content that the developer has worked on for the game.

This new update returns Operation: Plague Star from a number of years ago now, which will lead to you wanting to get Eidolon Phylaxis once again.

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Warframe | Reveal Trailer

Warframe | Reveal Trailer

How To Get Eidolon Phylaxis In Warframe 30.7 Update

Eidolon Phylaxis is a consumable gear item in Warframe, which grants you additional standing at the end of the Plague Star Bounty. This reward comes with risk though, as it increases the levels of enemies in the final round of the bounty.

You won’t be able to get Eidolon Phylaxis right away in Operation: Plague Star, with you having to do a little work before having access.

How To Get Eidolon Phylaxis

The method for obtaining Eidolon Phylaxis comes as you increase your Standing. As part of Operation: Plague Star, there is a syndicate known as Operational Supply that you need to increase your Standing with.

You will need to rank up your Standing to the Collaborator level, which grants you access to additional blueprints that you can buy. Increasing your Standing comes from completing the Bounty multiple times, so keep doing that until you reach the right level.

Buying the blueprints can be done by speaking with Nanak in Cetus and exchanging Standing and Credits for additional Eidolon Phylaxis.

To get five additional Eidolon Phylaxis blueprints, you will have to pay 2,000 Standing and 4,000 Credits once you have reached the Collaborator stage.

How To Use During Operation: Plague Star

Once you have Eidolon Phylaxis, you will need to actually use it during the bounty. This is possible during the second phase of the bounty, where you put the toxin in the mixer. All you have to do is place the Eidolon Phylaxis in the mixer and it will increase the Standing reward at the end, but also at the difficulty cost mentioned above.

This also works similar to the Infested Catalyst that you can also add into the mixer to get increased Standing at the end of the match.

Just remember that this is only part of Operation: Plague Star that was just brought back to Warframe, so take advantage and get and use all the Eidolon Phylaxis while you can.

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