How To Get Hero Cards In FIFA 22

By Dean James

October 4, 2021

FIFA 22 is the latest entry in the EA Sports annual franchise and FIFA Ultimate Team is one of the central game modes once again, which now have a new type of cards to collect known as Hero Cards.

FIFA Ultimate team is the card collecting game mode that lets you build a team with all of the cards that you earn in the game, with the goal of making the best squad possible.

It isn’t just about picking just the highest rated cards though, as chemistry really comes into play as well for which ones you want to pick, of which Hero Cards likely should help.

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FIFA 22 | Official Launch Trailer

FIFA 22 | Official Launch Trailer

What Are Hero Cards in FIFA 22?

The sport is full of fan favorite moments that are absolutely unforgettable, which are what Hero Cards are trying to commemorate in FIFA 22.

Hero Cards are special FUT cards available that have unique league-specific chemistry tied to their individual hero moment. More specifically, this creates a green Club link to any player within the same league on top of the usual nation link.

As a result, these cards are going to be incredibly useful and very highly sought after in FUT when trying to build the best and most efficient squad in FIFA 22.

How To Get Hero Cards

Hero Cards are the new type of card that you can obtain and collect in FIFA Ultimate Team, with a few ways to earn them eventually.

As with all the other cards in the game, one way to get Hero Cards is to just buy packs and keep opening them. The odds are going to be pretty low similar to Icon cards, but they will appear over time.

The other option will be to earn them through Squad Builder Challenges in the game over time, as they will be rewards for that. These are not available in the game yet though, so keep an eye out for when they arrive to have a chance at getting some Hero Cards.

There is one other way right now to get it, but it’s too late if you did not do it already. If you by chance had pre-ordered the FIFA 22 Ultimate Edition by August 11, you could have gotten a free FUT Hero Card. If you by chance did, make sure you look and you should be able to get your freebie in the game.

Besides that freebie card, the only method right now is to find them in card packs, which is a complete gamble. Otherwise, you will need to wait for the Squad Builder Challenges to show up with FUT Hero Cards as a reward in FIFA 22.

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