How to Get K-Drive in Warframe Sisters of Parvos - How to Upgrade

Sisters of Parvos introduces a brand new hovering board in Warframe.

By Mehrdad Khayyat

July 6, 2021

If you want to boost your speed in Node travels in Star Chart, you will need to learn how to get K-Drive in Warframe as soon as the Sisters of Parvos update arrives.

As a free-to-play MMORPG experience with a wide variety of content, Warframe has been expanded a lot over the last few years.

The Sisters of Parvos is probably your best reason to head back for another adventure in Warframe. This time around, you are going to experience much faster travels in Star Chart, thanks to the addition of K-Drive hoverboards.

Warframe Profile | Yareli – Coming July 6 To All Platforms

Warframe Profile | Yareli – Coming July 6 To All Platforms

What is a K-Drive in Warframe?

Simply put, this is a new hoverboard-type vehicle in Warframe that will allow players to travel in the open-world missions quickly without wasting much time going from point A to point B.

How to Get K-Drive in Warframe

In order to acquire your very first K-Drive hoverboard, you will need to complete a quest. Head over to Fortuna and meet Eudico to activate the Vox Solaris Quest, where you should help out rebellions to stand against Corpus.

As soon as the mission is completed, you will be granted access to a K-Drive Launcher, allowing you to summon Bondi K-Drive from Gear Wheel in any open-zone Node in Star Chart.

Bondi K-Drive is the basic model of the vehicle, but you can upgrade and customize it the way you want.

How to Upgrade K-Drive

If you want to upgrade your K-Drive or build a new one for yourself, pay a visit to Ventkids in Fortuna. The images below from some of the pre-made K-Drive vehicles show off the diversity of customizing tools in the Sisters of Parvos update.

Warframe is now available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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