How to Get Leave The Door Open Fortnite Emote Created by Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars partners with Fortnite to bring in his own Emote.

April 4, 2021

Every now and then, Epic Games adds some new emotes to Fortnite‘s Item Shop. The latest addition is Bruno Mars’s Leave The Door Open Fortnite emote.

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Officially revealed by Bruno Mars himself on his Twitter account, Leave the Door Open Fortnite emote is based on a new single song of the same name from the Silk Sonic band.

According to Epic Games, Bruno Mars has crafted the dance exclusively for Fortnite players, which is a relatively new method of adding new emotes to the game. If the emote receives good reception from the fans, there might be more collaborations between Epic Games and other celebrities for more emotes in the future.

How to Get the Leave the Door Open Fortnite Emote

Currently, the only way to acquire the new Bruno Mars dance in Fortnite is to purchase it from the game’s Item Shop for 500 V Bucks. If you are a Fortnite Crew subscriber, you can spend some of your monthly V Bucks income for acquiring the new emote.

Fortnite dance moves and emotes are popular areas of the game that bring huge income for Epic Games. Aside from partnering with various celebrities, the Fortnite developer sometimes grabs the emotes from trending TikTok dance moves.

Fortnite is a free-to-play Battle Royale game that was launched back in 2017 with limited gameplay elements and modes, but thanks to Epic Games’ incredible content support from the game, it’s now one of the world’s most entertaining multiplayer games with millions of players every month.

Fortnite is now available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Nintendo Switch, Android, and PC. The iOS version of the game has not received any new updates since the clash between Apple and Epic Games started over the in-game purchases.

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