How to Get Loyalty in FIFA 22 Using the Glitch in Squad Battles

Increase your Team Chemistry at ease.

September 28, 2021

Here is your full guide for how to get loyalty for your main Squad in FIFA 22 without even fully playing a single match.

If you are one of the FIFA 22 Ultimate Edition owners, you have access to the game right now and probably started your Ultimate Team career.

Everyone in FUT is looking for shortcuts to improve his team quickly and then start the Division Rivals seeking entry to the FUT Champions, which is the competitive mode in Ultimate Team.

Improving your team in Ultimate Team requires multiple parameters, one of which is increasing Team Chemistry and Player Chemistry to the highest levels.


Player Loyalty is a factor that could increase Player Chemistry by one point. And if you have 11 loyal players, it’s going to be 11 points, which is tempting enough.

How to Get Loyalty in FIFA 22 Using the Squad Battles Glitch

It seems like the Loyalty glitch in Squad Battles is still there same as the previous entries of the series. Playing matches with players will increase their loyalty normally, but you can actually choose not to play the games fully, thanks to a glitch.

So, just enter a Squad Battles match with the players that you want their Loyalty to increase without worrying about their actual position. Once the match begins, play it for a few in-game minutes and then disconnect your internet connection.

Once you reconnect to the game, you will notice that the game has actually counted that match for your players, but because of disconnecting early in the game without conceding or scoring a goal, your overall record in Squad Battles won’t change.

Please note that if you quit the match instead of disconnecting, it will still be counted for your players as a full game, but your Squad Battle record will show you a loss. So, if you don’t care about it, just quit the matches.

After 10 matches, your 11 players in the squad will have Loyalty, which significantly increases the Team Chemistry for the squad. (Thanks, Diamond Lobby!)

FIFA 22 will be available on October 1 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Nintendo Switch, Stadia, and PC. Those who have already pre-ordered the Ultimate Edition of the game can play it right now.

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