Animal Crossing: Here's How to Get the Mario Items in ACNH

Here is how you can get the Mario items in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Today, Nintendo released the latest update for one of last year’s biggest hits. The update paves the way for a few coming events over the course of March, including Hinamatsuri, Pi Day and Shamrock Day. The most anticipated event of the month, however, is in regards to the Super Mario furniture. With the new update inbound, here is how to get the Mario items in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

What items are included?

Overall, so far, we know of a total of 33 Super Mario items coming to the game. The full item list with prices is as follows:

  • Mario Hat – 1500 Bells
  • Peach Crown – 12000 Bells
  • Wario Hat – 1500 Bells
  • Luigi Hat – 1500 Bells
  • Mario ‘Stache – 1200 Bells
  • Wario ‘Stache – 1200 Bells
  • Luigi ‘Stache – 1200 Bells
  • Mario Outfit – 2400 Bells
  • Peach Dress – 6000 Bells
  • Wario Outfit – 2400 Bells
  • Luigi Outfit – 2400 Bells
  • Mario Shoes – 1400 Bells
  • Peach Shoes – 2400 Bells
  • Wario Shoes – 1400 Bells
  • Luigi Shoes – 1400 Bells
  • 1-Up Mushroom – 2000 Bells
  • Block – 1000 Bells
  • Coin – 350 Bells
  • Fire Flower – 1500 Bells
  • Floating Block – 1000 Bells
  • Goal Pole – 3500 Bells
  • Large Mushroom Platform – 3000 Bells
  • Pipe – 5000 Bells
  • Shell – 700 Bells
  • Small Mushroom Platform – 1000
  • Super Mushroom -1350 Bells
  • Super Star – 2000 Bells
  • Thwomp – 3000 Bells
  • ? Block – 1350 Bells
  • Mushroom Mural – 3000 Bells
  • Block Flooring – 3000 Bells
  • Lakitu’s Cloud Rug – 1500 Bells
  • Yoshi’s Egg Rug – 1500 Bells

There’s a range of great pieces available, these include a pipe that allows players to warp across their island, a range of items to create Super Mario levels and a range of outfits to play dress up.

How to get the Mario items in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

First of all, players need to ensure that they download the latest version of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. After doing so, they will be treated to a free mushroom mural just for downloading.

Sadly, however, the rest of the items aren’t available until March 1. On the first of March, players will be able to order the items from Nook Shopping. In terms of the costumes, they can be picked up from the Able Sisters.

What’s next for Animal Crossing?

Arguably, the biggest question mark is regarding whether Nintendo and Tom Nook will celebrate the game’s one-year anniversary on March 20. That date presents a great opportunity for the company to celebrate such a successful first year and show they mean business going forwards.

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