How to Get More XP and Level Up Fast in Pokemon GO 2021

November 15, 2021

The year is 2021 and Pokemon GO is still as popular as ever, with millions of players still trying to catch ’em all while trying to level up fast and get XP.

With the level cap having been increased to 50 over the last year, many players are looking to climb up the ranks as quickly as possible.

So to help with that, here’s how to get more XP fast in Pokemon GO in 2021, updated with all the changes Niantic made over the summer of this year.

Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Pokémon Shining Pearl | Legendary Pokémon Trailer

Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Pokémon Shining Pearl | Legendary Pokémon Trailer

How to Get XP Fast in Pokemon GO 2021

There are many different ways of getting XP in Pokemon GO in 2021, here are the most efficient ways:

TaskMaximum XP with Lucky Egg
Catching Pokemon200 XP
First Daily Catch3,000 XP
New Pokemon caught1000 XP
100 of the same species caught200 XP
Pokemon Flees25 XP
Seven Day catch Streak12,000 XP
Nice/Great/Excellent throw40/200/2,000 XP
Curveball Throw40 XP
First Time Throw100 XP
Evolving Pokemon2000 XP
Hatching Eggs8,000 XP (12 KM Egg)
Winning Gym Battle2,000 XP
Winning Raid Battle20,000 XP (Five-Star/Mega Raid)
Spinning Gym/PokeStop200 XP
First Daily PokeStop Spin3,000 XP
Spinning Brand New PokeStop600 XP
Seven Day PokeStop streak12,000 XP
Weekly Research Breakthrough6,000 XP
Sending Gifts400 XP
Increasing Friendship Levels200,000 XP (Best Friend)

Now for our advice on how to maximise each area.

1. Use a Lucky Egg

Now, this step won’t be for everybody as of course, you’ll generally need coins to do this.

However, if you’re willing to grind out 50 coins from gyms each day, you should be able to earn some decent coin to use on Lucky Eggs. Using these will double your XP on every activity.

2. Work Extra Hard During Double XP Events

Double XP events come round semi-regularly and of course, offer a chance for you to earn bonus XP for doing things like catching, hatching and evolving Pokemon.

Playing the game lots during these periods (and saving your evolutions if it’s an event that boosts evolution XP) is a surefire way to level up fast. Popping a Lucky Egg during these events will give you an even larger XP boost.

3. Catch Every Pokemon

This may sound silly, but obviously, the more Pokemon you catch, the more XP you’ll get, especially as so much of levelling up quickly in Pokemon GO is tied to this.

The aim here is to catch every Pokemon you possibly can, using every technique possible. An Excellent Curveball Throw that catches a Pokemon on the first try will net you 1,120 XP (2,240 with a Lucky Egg). If you can do this every time, you’re going to get a lot of XP in Pokemon GO and fast. If you’re not comfortable aiming for Excellent Throws, take your time and go for a Great Throw.

Of course, this will require plenty of PokeBalls but as long as you’re spinning stops, for XP of course, you should stay nicely stocked.

Catching plenty of Pokemon will also help you with the next step.

4. Evolve Pokemon

By catching as many Pokemon as possible in Pokemon GO, you’ll earn a lot of candies. You can use these candies to power up your Pokemon, or, you can use them for mass evolutions.

At 1,000 XP a pop (2,000 with a Lucky Egg and 4,000 during an event) mass evolving Pokemon is a very lucrative way to gain XP fast in Pokemon GO.

Sadly, however, unlike evolving Pokemon, you don’t get any XP for purifying Shadow Pokemon.

5. Hatch Eggs

If you’re walking around hatching and catching Pokemon, then be sure to have your Incubator/s full. It’s the most passive/minimal effort way you can earn XP in Pokemon GO.

Hatching an Egg can net you anywhere between 1,000 XP for a 2 KM Egg all the way up to 8,000 XP for a 12 KM Egg.

6. Don’t Miss Your Daily Streaks

While you’re not going to get as much XP here as you would say mass evolutions or big catch sprees, it all adds up.

If you sync your seven-day catch and hatch streaks up with a Lucky Egg, you’ll net yourself a welcome 24,000 XP. Not bad for catching seven Pokemon and spinning seven PokeStops.

The third and final seven-day challenge is the weekly Research Breakthrough. Thankfully, this one doesn’t need to be done on consecutive days but by completing a research task on seven different days you’ll earn 3,000 XP (6,000 XP with a Lucky Egg) as well as some other rewards!

7. Battle Away

Battling can be a really effective way to gain XP fast in Pokemon GO.

Firstly, if you live near a Gym/multiple Gyms, there’s the opportunity to earn a good wedge here. Taking down a Gym with a Lucky Egg on will net you 2,000 XP, plus more for defeating each Pokemon. Not bad if you can chain a few together.

However, while taking down Gyms is good, Raiding is better. If you have a good group to wander around with, or the ability to hit up remote raids you’re in luck. For every five-star or Mega Raid you complete you’ll net a cool 20,000 XP (with a lucky egg). A few of these in a row and you’ll be rolling in it. Just remember though, Raid Passes have a cost attached to them.

Battling with friends will also help with the next point.

8. Boost Friendship Levels

Arguably the way to earn the most XP is by making friends. Once you hit the “Good” friendship level you’ll get 3,000 XP, “Great” will net you 10,000 XP, the “Ultra” friendship level is worth 50,000 XP and “Best” friends will get you a very 100,000 XP. Pop a Lucky egg and you’ll double that, then, if you stack a few of those up, you’re laughing.

Just make sure to try and communicate with your friends to ensure they#re ready and can use a Lucky Egg themselves.

Along the way to boosting those friendship levels, you should be able to earn yourself some more XP. Of course, battling together is one way, however, just by sending gifts you’ll receive a nice 200 XP.

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