How To Get Shiny Axew During Pokemon GO Fest 2022

Go after shiny Axew when the odds are highest!

June 4, 2022

When looking at an event like Pokemon GO Fest 2022, you can always tell which Pokemon are going to be the most sought after and there is no question that the newly added shiny version of Axew will be among the top.

Axew was added to Pokemon GO a while ago, but has been hard enough to get on its own. Your best bet in the past for Axew was through hatching eggs, which is never the quickest of methods.

Adding in the shiny element makes Axew one that people will be hunting even more so during Pokemon GO, so knowing the best ways to maximize your chances of getting a shiny Axew during Pokemon GO Fest 2022 is going to be very important.

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Who Is Axew?

Axew is one of the more popular Pokemon to have been introduced during Generation V’s Pokemon Black and White. Not only is it a Dragon type that people always love, but it had a big role in the anime as well as Iris’ partner Pokemon.

This Pokemon also has two evolutions with Fraxure and Haxorus, which is another reason people will really be looking for them during the event not even talking about the shiny version.

Shiny Axew is really not all that different looking from the regular one with being just a little bit lighter, but the real difference comes with its evolution to Haxorus, where it goes from a green and gray design to almost fully gray and black. This looks fantastic and is a big reason people want to get one during this event.

How To Get Shiny Axew During Pokemon GO Fest

Axew is going to be available through a few different ways during Pokemon GO Fest 2022, so you definitely have some options at your disposal for trying to get the shiny version.

To start, Axew will be appearing during the Plains habitat hours of the event as a rare spawn, but you can up those spawn rates for Axew potentially by using an Incense as long as you have purchased the event ticket.

The latter is even going to be your best odds in the wild, as they say the spawn rate for ticket owners using Incense will be even higher than the other spawns.

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In addition, Axew will also be appearing in One-Star Raids during the event, which should mean there should be plenty of them throughout the two days popping up.

The Plains Habitat Collector Challenge will also reward you with an Axew encounter for completing it, which shouldn’t take too long with all of the spawns coming on during GO Fest.

There is definitely no guarantee that you will catch a shiny Axew during Pokemon Go Fest 2022, but your best chances will come by using an Incense during the Plains hours and raiding for Axew all day. Best of luck and may you come away with the rare shiny Axew.

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