Pokemon GO - How to Get Stardust Fast in 2021


Here's how you can boost your Stardust in 2021.

By Sam Woods

June 22, 2021

Pokemon GO continues to be a behemoth not only in the mobile gaming world, but in the video games space period.

The title attracts millions of players daily looking to capture, trade and battle the world’s favourite Pocket Monsters.

As the game has progressed, battling has become more and more embedded in Pokemon GO, with PVP Leagues, regularly changing raids and Team GO Rocket.

Powering up Pokemon can become a problem if players run out of Stardust, however. So, here’s how to get Stardust in the most efficient ways in 2021.

Return to the Sinnoh region in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Pokémon Shining Pearl!

Return to the Sinnoh region in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Pokémon Shining Pearl!

How to get Stardust in Pokemon GO – 2021.

Capturing Pokemon/Daily Capture/Weather Boost

The most rudimentary way that you can get Stardust in Pokemon GO is by capturing Pokemon.

Most base Pokemon offer 100 Stardust when captured, if it’s a first-stage evolution it’s 300 and a second-stage evolution is 500. If the Pokemon is then weather boosted, you will gain an extra 25, 75 or 125 Stardust respectively.

There are some Pokemon that when captured, yield a higher amount of Stardust. They are:

PokemonStardustWeather Boosted Dust
Alolan Meowth750938
Alolan Persian9501188
Source: Pokemongohub

Then, should you play Pokemon GO every day, you can gain an extra 1800 Stardust for your first capture of the day and a bonus of 9000 for capturing a Pokemon seven days in a row.


Another effective way to gain Stardust is by opening Gifts.

Players can receive either 100, 200 or 300 Stardust from each gift opened and with the limit increasing to 30 a day, that’s a healthy amount of dust.

Be sure to add plenty of friends in Pokemon GO and sent gifts yourself – that way, you’re more likely to receive gifts in return and therefore, Stardust.


This one is less of a guarantee as it doesn’t always happen, but is certainly something to keep an eye out for.

Often, during events, Niantic will release some Special/Timed research. This research often contains Stardust rewards.

You can also gain 2000 Stardust by completing the Research Breakthrough (seven days completing a Field Research task) each week.

GO Battle League

Personally, I find the GO Battle League one of the best ways to gain Stardust.

The basic rewards vary per rank but you will earn a nice amount of Stardust for winning your first match and fifth match in any one round.

On the premium track, you’ll earn a decent amount of dust for winning your third match of the round. Both tracks also award dust for completing all five matches.

If you play the GO Battle League enough and reach a high enough rank, at the end of the season you’ll earn a hefty amount of Stardust, up to a six-figure number!

Effectively, the more you battle, the more you’ll earn. I’m a casual GBL player, but over the course of the last year I’ve earned just over 2 million Stardust.

Adventure Sync

Pokemon GO is supposed to be a game played all over the world and Niantic likes to reward players for walking.

Every Monday, depending on how far you have walked, you can receive up to 1500 bonus Stardust.

Community Day/Events/Spotlight Hours

Niantic is no stranger to releasing events, and often, these events have special bonuses tied to them.

They could be double XP, half egg hatching distance or, most importantly, double/triple Stardust.

It’s important to make the most of these events, catching as many Pokemon as possible.

Team GO Rocket/Raiding

Alongside the GBL, Pokemon GO has other ways to battle and earn stardust.

After completing Raid Battles, players can be granted bonus Stardust and upon defeating Team GO Rocket players can earn 500, 1000 or 5000 Stardust depending on if they took down a Grunt, Leader or Giovanni.

Hatching Eggs

Hatching Eggs is another way to gain Stardust, however, with five different types of egg, the amounts you earn can differ wildly.

A standard 2km egg can net anywhere between 400-800 Stardust, while the new 12km egg can bag you 6400 Stardust (and that’s without a Star Piece).

Use a Star Piece

Ultimately, the best tool you’ll have to get Stardust is a Star Piece. These consumable items can be purchased or earned as rewards and will give a 50% bonus to player’s Stardust yields for whatever method they use.

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