How to Get the Frog in Wacky Wizards New Update

New ingredient, new spells!

By Mehrdad Khayyat

September 2, 2021

So, you want to learn about how to get the frog in Wacky Wizards? Well, we have broken down the whole quest for you here.

Yesterday, Wacky Wizards received yet another update that adds Frog as a brand new ingredient to the game.

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Furthermore, the map of the game has also been extended with this new update, and now you can access the Goblin Village, where you would be able to get Frog after accomplishing a few tasks.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns | Gameplay Reveal

Marvel’s Midnight Suns | Gameplay Reveal

How to Get the Frog in Wacky Wizards

Go to the Goblin Village and talk to Leader Goblin. He will ask you to cook food for each goblin in the village. Now, you should speak to each goblin individually and ask about their favorite meal.

Goblin Kid:

  • Pick up the green pool noodle next to the Goblin Kid in the Goblin Village and drop it into the Goblin Cauldron at the will village. Now, you have the Noodle Stew. Give it to Goblin Kid.

Fat Goblin:

  • Go back to your own cauldron. Drop yourself, Fairy, and Chameleon into your cauldron to make a Death Shrink potion. Now, pick up the potion and go stand on top of the Goblin Cauldron. Drink the potion and you will be dropped inside the Cauldron, and soon after, you will teleported to your own Cauldron. Now get back to the Goblin Cauldron again and you should be able to pick up the meal from there. Give it to Fat Goblin.

Vegan Goblin:

  • Pick up the Beans can from the Goblin Village and put inside the Goblin Cauldron. Now, give the meal to Vegan Goblin to finish this part of the quest.

Short Goblin:

  • Get the Ginat’s Ear from the village and put inside the Goblin Cauldron. Now, give the meal to Short Goblin.

Goblin Leader:

  • Put a Chilli inside the Goblin Cauldroin and give the meal to the Goblin Leader.

Now that you fed all Goblins, go and talk to Goblin Leader once again to get the frog from him. (Thanks, Carbon Meister Plays!)

You can play Wacky Wizards for free on Roblox.

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