How To Get Tropius During Pokemon GO Fest 2022

First time available worldwide in the game!

June 4, 2022

Pokemon GO still has plenty of regional exclusive Pokemon, but one of them is going worldwide for the two-day Pokemon GO Fest 2022 with Tropius.

Tropius has been in Pokemon GO for a while but has been exclusive to Africa ever since it was first introduced, meaning most players around the world have not had the chance to catch one.

There will be a couple of ways to get a Tropius during Pokemon GO Fest 2022 all over the globe, but you will need an event ticket to have a chance.

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Who Is Tropius?

Tropius was introduced back in the third generation of Pokemon in Ruby and Sapphire as a Grass/Flying type. It looks similar to dinosaurs like the brachiosaurus and the like while being classified as the Fruit Pokemon.


You can see the design has greenery across Tropius’ body and even fruit that resembles real-world bananas hanging from it. It is one of the cooler Pokemon designs and even has the neat Grass/Flying typing.

In Pokemon GO, Tropius has been a regional exclusive that has previously only been available in Africa as mentioned above. Thankfully, Pokemon GO Fest 2022 is bringing it to the rest of the world for a short time.

How To Catch It During Pokemon GO Fest 2022

Tropius isn’t just going to show up outright during Pokemon GO Fest 2022 for you without doing anything special, as there are a few requirements to find one.

To start, you will have to purchase the event ticket for Pokemon GO Fest 2022, which costs $14.99. We already discussed in another article whether the ticket was worth it, with Tropius being one of the major reasons for getting it.

By having the event ticket purchased, you will be able to find Tropius through the use of an Incense during GO Fest 2022. However, this must be done specifically during the Rainforest hours of the event.

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The Rainforest habitat hours will vary depending on your region, but there will be two total hours during the day. During that time, you will be able to attract Tropius, so make sure to walk around to where you can get numerous to hopefully spawn.

In addition, there is also the opportunity to catch one Tropius via the ticket exclusive Shaymin-based Special Research during one of the steps.

There is no question you need to take advantage of this special occasion and try to get as many Tropius as you can before they become a regional exclusive once again.

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