How to Get Xingqiu for Free in Genshin Impact Hues of the Violet Garden

How to get Xingqiu, the support character at the top of Genshin Impact tier list

April 14, 2022

Here’s our guide with all the steps needed to get Xingqiu for free in Genshin Impact 2.6 event Hues of the Violet Garden.

Hues of the Violet Garden is the main event of Genshin Impact 2.6, and just like many similar main events in the past lets us get a 4-start character for free, and this time it’s Xingqiu. As of April 14, all of the parts and quests of the event have opened, so you can now fulfill all the steps needed to get him. This is at least the 5th time we get a 4-star character for free in this way now, following Fischl, Diona, Xinyan, and Liyue characters of our choice.

Is Xingqiu Good in Genshin Impact Tier Lists?

Xingqiu is one of the best support characters in Genshin Impact, in how while he won’t deal much damage staying on the field, Xingqiu can do a lot of Hydro Elemental DMG with his E/ Elemental Skill. Moreover, Xingqiu’s Q/Elemental Burst stays on field even if you switch characters and it will continuously attack enemies with Hydro DMG each time you trigger a normal attack. This makes Xingqiu one of the best support characters in Genshin Impact. At the end of the day, Genshin tier lists doesn’t really mean anything though, as it all boils own to luck and if you have the right Artifacts and substats for the character.

How to Get Xingqiu in Genshin Impact for Free in Hues of the Violet Garden

These are four steps you will need to complete in order to get Xingqiu. We have dedicated guides for all of these, so be sure to check them out. Check our additional guides if you need help unlocking the sub events and quests leading to these steps in the first place.

The hardest thing of all four tasks is arguably the Springtide Advent Show of Force stage in Theater Mechanicus. To clear it, I recommend focusing on Electro Towers and getting all of their Mystic Sticks. You should be able to clear the stage with over 1500 points just by doing that.

Once you have cleared these steps, open the event menu, pick Hues of the Violet Garden, and click By Special Invitation then Send Invitation to obtain Xingqiu.

How to Get Xingqiu for Free in Genshin Impact Hues of the Violet Garden

Can you get Xingqiu for free even if you already have him at C6?

Players who already have a C6 Xingqiu can still get him via the Event, and it’ll be as if you pulled him on a banner. As in you will obtain 5 Masterless Starglitter for getting him. You have until April 25 to get Xingqiu, as the Hues of the Violet Garden event will end then.

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