Deathloop - How to Heal Yourself

By Rachael Fiddis

September 13, 2021

Following on from the stealth masterclass that is Dishonored, Arkane Studios has done it again with Deathloop.

Taking control of mystery man Colt, it’s your job to discover exactly who you are, what has happened to you and ultimately, to escape the never-ending time loop that you seem to be stuck in.

Along the way, you’ll meet plenty of Eternalists and a handful of visionaries, all of whom have an arsenal of weapons and are looking to take you down. That means one thing is vital, healing.

So, to make sure you don’t die and can avoid restarting the loop – here’s how to heal in Deathloop, including all the items you need to look out for.

DEATHLOOP | Official PS5™ Next-Gen Immersion Trailer

DEATHLOOP | Official PS5™ Next-Gen Immersion Trailer

How to Heal in Deathloop – Fiz-pop

Fiz-pop is almost certainly going to be the main way you heal Colt in Deathloop.

These single-use healing items are fairly commonplace around the map, found on tables, shelves, barrels and just about any other surface.

Once you find one, walk up to it and press square to heal yourself. Just don’t do it when your health is full or Colt will make a snarky remark!

The Fiz-pops are bright red and white and look like a giant pill – you can check them out below.

Health Stations

The next way to heal in Deathloop is by finding Health Stations.

These are much less common than Fiz-pop, however, have the ability to fully heal you in one go.

Much like the smaller Fiz-pop, you need to locate a Health Station, walk up to it and press square. You’ll want to hold the square button this time though to regenerate full health.

Effectively, it’s just a giant Fiz-pop bottle. Here’s exactly what you’ll be looking for:


The final way you can heal during a Deathloop loop is by hiding after taking damage.

Like many games, Deathloop has an auto-heal function that allows you to regenerate a portion of your health.

You’ll know exactly how much you can recover by looking at your health bar. After taking damage, your health bar will have two shades of red – a fuller shade, which is your remaining health, and a duller red, which is how much you can recover.

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