How to Hook Up the NES

How to Hook Up the NES

This is a classic video for anyone who grew up with an old NES console. I remember quite vividly the technique and skill it would take just to start a game. Certain cartridges you needed to blow on, others you needed to stuff a controller on top of, some you even had to physically clean before each game. Who can forget the classic coax cables, those were the days even pre red, white and yellow jacks, simpler times. This gave me a good laugh especially once he got it started and the screen went blank, old memories. I wouldn’t trade my NES experience for anything else in the world.

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  1. jennyfromtheblock says:

    i miss my nes too. has anyone seen any nes in ebay lately? i think there would be more femaile players gaming if the controllers were that simple. thats the biggest complain i hear about my ladies, how can you play, too many fing buttons. thats why they get stuck with mobile gaming or pc. most femaale gamers don’t even own a console. doesnt mean they are not real gamers though.
    btw nothing beats blowing on a cartridge, priceless memories