How to Hunt Shiny Pokemon With Mass Outbreaks in Legends Arceus

Here's the best method to farm Shiny pokemon with Mass Outbreaks in Legends Arceus

January 28, 2022

Pokemon Legends Arceus is out now on Nintendo Switch, and dedicated fans, most notably on the PoryLeeks Discord, already found a very fast and efficient way to Shiny hunt, using a specific mechanic called Mass Outbreaks. We explained it below.

Mass Outbreaks in Pokemon Legends Arceus explained

Mass Outbreak, also called swarm or horde, is a special mechanic that will only trigger after you’ve beaten Pokemon Legends Arceus. Once you’re finished with the main story and are in post-game, you’ll often find pokemon icons displayed on the world map in certain areas. Those are Mass Outbreaks.

If you head to the location of the Mass Outbreak, you’ll find four of the same pokemon there. If you don’t see any Shiny in the group, then defeat the pokemon or capture them to make new pokemon start spawning. Until a shiny pokemon spawns. This is the normal method, however, there’s an even more efficient method to Shiny hunt using Mass Outbreaks.

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The best way to Shiny hunt with Mass Outbreaks explained

Step 1: Make a Mass Outbreak spawn in the area of your choice

First, you should decide on which area and which pokemon you want to farm. If there is currently no Mass Outbreak in that area, then go to Jubilife Village, go to a random area, and then go back to the village. This will reset the Mass Outbreaks and they’ll appear in other areas.

Step 2: Go to the Mass Outbreak you want to farm in, and within 60 seconds, defeat or catch one pokemon, and go back to Jubilife

Doing that will prevent the Mass Outbreak from disappearing. This is the most important step. Make sure you do it within 60 seconds or the Mass Outbreak will disappear and you’ll have to restart all again from step 1.

Step 3: Go back near the Mass Outbreak and check if there’s a Shiny in it from a distance

Make sure to not get too close to the Outbreak. You mustn’t trigger the “You found the Mass Outbreak that was reported” message.

Step 4: If there is no Shiny, then go back to Jubilife again and repeat step 3

And that’s it. Note that you don’t need to go back to Jubilife within 60 seconds, that was only for step 2. Make sure to check our specific guide on Shiny odds so you can get a rough idea of how many times you’ll have to repeat these steps.

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