How To Make A Stasis Chamber In Minecraft Java 1.17

Here's everything you need to know about a Stasis Chamber!

By Kyle Knight

September 21, 2021

Minecraft gives players endless possibilities when it comes to creating structures or machines, and one of the most popular creations is the Stasis Chamber.

Although the Stasis Chamber is an incredibly popular machine to make in Minecraft, there are still a large number of players who don’t know how to make one or even what it does.

So, here’s everything you need to know about the Stasis Chamber, including what its purpose is, what ingredients are needed to make one, and how you can put it all together.

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What Is A Stasis Chamber In Minecraft?

A Stasis Chamber is a very simple device, essentially it allows the player to teleport from anywhere in the world back to the location of the chamber. With this particular Stasis Chamber, it will teleport the player back to the location as soon as it turns into nighttime.

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Ingredients Required

If you’re interested in building a Stasis Chamber in your Minecraft world, you’ll need to make sure you’ve got the following ingredients:

  • 1 Daylight Detector
  • 1 Trapdoor
  • 1 Water Bucket
  • 1 Sould Sand
  • 7 Kelp

How To Make A Stasis Chamber

Follow the steps below to build your very own Stasis Chamber in either the Java or Bedrock edition of Minecraft.

  • First, players will need to dig 6 blocks down.
  • Next, fill the 6 block deep hole with a bucket of water.
  • Then, swim to the bottom and dig a futher 2 blocks down and place a block of Soul Sand at the bottom.
  • Once the Soul Sand has been placed, place Kelp from the bottom right to the top of the hole, this makes sure that each water block is turned into a water source.
  • After you have placed the Kelp from the Soul Sand to the top of the hole, you can swim back down and destory it. Then, place a Daylight Detector next to the water hole, as seen in the picture below.
  • Once the Daylight Detector has been put down, hold shift and place a wooden trap door on the Detector, ensuring that it is open.
  • Finally, all you need to do is throw an Ender Pearl to the bottom of the water hole and it should bounce back up and float onto the water.
  • Now, whenever it turns to night time, the Daylight Detector will close the trap door and activate the Ender Pearl, teleporting the player back to that location.
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