How to Play Rainbow Six Extraction/Siege on PC Game Pass

It requires Ubisoft Connect!

January 20, 2022

You can now play both Rainbow Six Extraction and Siege through PC Game Pass, but this will need a quick confirmation on Ubisoft’s webpage. Here is how.

Rainbow Six Extraction is a brand new branch of the Rainbow Six franchise that focuses on co-op-based PvE gameplay rather than delivering another competitive PvP experience.

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While Extraction uses Siege‘s operators and lore as a base, it tries to deliver a distinct experience. Although the game still has the same gunplay as Siege, the challenges you face are completely different.


How to Play Rainbow Six Extraction/Siege on PC Game Pass

Unlike other titles, playing Rainbow Six Extraction and Siege through PC Game Pass will require you to always run it on Ubisoft Connect. The only thing you will need to do on the Xbox App is to prove your active PC Game Pass subscription for Ubisoft.

Once you launch the Xbox App on your PC, you can spot the Rainbow Six Extraction and Siege option among the Featured games. Click on it, and you will be redirected to a link on your browser, which requires you to log in to your Xbox/Microsoft account, and then link it to an existing or a new Ubisoft Connect account.

Once done, you will spot a green tick on the screen. Now, you should download and install the Ubisoft Connect app on your PC. Log in to the account you linked to your Xbox account, and you should be able to see both Rainbow Six Extraction and Siege in your Ubisoft Connect library.

If they are not there, wait for a few hours until they are added. But again, if you can’t see them in your library, try reaching out to the Ubisoft Support team.

You can install and play both games through Ubisoft Connect, with no need to launch Xbox App or log in to the Xbox Gaming Services.

Rainbow Six Extraction is now available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC.

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