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How to Play Wordle and How to Share Results Without Spoiling

This is so much fun!

January 7, 2022

I bet you’ve seen some tweets on your timeline in the last few days showing a number of green, yellow, and gray blocks. If you want to understand the secret behind it, then you need to first learn how to play Wordle.

Word puzzle games are very popular around the world as they are pretty simple and amusing for people of all ages.

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While there are already many apps and games on mobile phones that would suggest you entertaining word puzzles, Wordle is currently a trending one that could be played on any web browser!

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Apex Legends | Dark Depths Event Trailer

How to Play Wordle

Wordle is a word puzzle game, where you need to guess a certain word in a limited number of attempts. While this might sound difficult at first, the game will guide you after each attempt toward the correct answer!.

First of all, your guess should be a proper word with a meaning, which means you cannot put “EEEEE” as an answer to find where the E letters are placed in the answer.

After every guess, you should press enter, and the game will react to your answer in three different colors for each letter. If you get a green color for a letter, it means that letter is correctly guessed and placed. If you get a yellow color for a letter, it means it’s been guessed correctly, but it should be placed in another spot. Finally, if you get a gray color, it means the letter is wrong.

By getting feedback after each guess, you should reach the final correct answer in 6 attempts to win the game.

How to Share Wordle Results on Social Media

Keep in mind that there is only one puzzle each day on the Wordle website, and everyone in the world is solving the same puzzle. So, you might get spoiled on the answer, but it wouldn’t happen by checking out the Wordle tweets shared through the website itself.

If you succeeded or failed in solving the puzzle, you can share your attempts on social media with the color of the blocks you’ve gotten in each attempt. The game itself will show you a screen with a share option to do it safely and in the correct format. Using this method, not only you don’t spoil the answer to the others but also you can share in how many attempts you’ve managed to solve it.

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