How To Propose To Your Loved One With A Video Game

on January 3, 2014 12:43 PM

So you thought you were the pinnacle of geek romance, eh? Offered your girlfriend a box of chocolates out of a Yoshi egg? Gave your boyfriend an awesome Master Chief helmet full of geek swag? Well Robert Fink, 3D artist at indie developer SuperGenius, outdid us all when he created a video game just to propose to his girlfriend, Angel White.

Titled Knight Man: A Quest for Love, Fink created this game in secret with two of his fellow developers for five months, telling her he was doing extra work to hold her over until he was done. Later inviting her to try the game for them as a playtester, she got to the end, just to see it had a very particular choice for the hero to make.

Is she or isn’t she his wife-to-be now? Check out the Pixel Proposal video below to see her reaction, and then afterwards, check out the Pixel Proposal website to play Knight Man: A Quest for Love yourself. The website includes a prologue, the game (optimized for Chrome browsers), a rundown of how he pulled it off, a way to say hello and share the game, and pictures of the couple, and their cat Ganon.

Valentine’s Day is coming. You may want to step your “game” up guys.

[Via Destructoid and Indie Statik]

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