How To Redeem New Valorant YR1 Player Card?

We're not complaining about more Player Cards and we're pretty sure you aren't either. Nice.

Another day, another Valorant Player card to redeem and this time it’s celebrating “YR1” of the game.

Last week’s Stage 2 Masters showcased a new Player Card that could be redeemed from Valorant’s site.

Today on 2nd June, Riot’s Valorant completes a year since release and they are celebrating it with giving away a “YR1” (Year 1) card that you can redeem for free.

Read more to learn about how to do it and what else Riot plans for the celebrations to commence!

Episode 2 Act III Gameplay Trailer – VALORANT

Episode 2 Act III Gameplay Trailer – VALORANT

How To Redeem New Valorant Player Card YR1?

If you did redeem the Duality card from Valorant’s site, this process will seem completely familiar. Most importantly, note that the card will be available from 9th June to redeem.

To redeem the new Valorant player card called YR1, follow these simple steps on 9th June:

  • Go and login from your Riot account on this site.
  • Enter the code “YR1”.
  • Redeem your free new limited edition YR1 Valorant Player card.

The site is currently facing issues at the time of writing which is common for such times.

Update: Riot changed the information around the 1st card and have updated their announcement’s info as: “Keep your eyes peeled for where to find this drop” instead of the code and the site link. We will keep you updated when the announcement updates as well.

Moreover, there are 2 more player cards coming your way from Riot. They promise to release 3 in total to celebrate Year 1 of Valorant and this one is for Episode 1.

The game’s Episode 2 will also have a Player Card that you can redeem via “a special YR1 Prime Gaming Drop” on or from 14th June. As for Episode 3’s Player card, it will be available in the YR1 Event Pass in-game that releases on 22nd June.

About Valorant’s YR1 Celebrations

Valorant is Riot’s Tactical FPS shooter that released last year on 2nd June. Over the last year, the game has significantly grown and promises to mature into a full-fledged esport as it already has in few regions.

Riot is known to take yearly celebrations quite seriously and Valorant is receiving no different treatment. The game will see the return of the Night Market today alongside a Give Back Bundle, Community Battlepass, wwFest returning, and a lot more.

Be sure to tune into a panel of devs from the Competitive, Agents, and Premium Content teams for a look at Episode 3 and year two live on Twitch, June 21 at 10AM PT for more!

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