How To Start New Game Plus in Horizon Forbidden West & Get All New Weapons

June 4, 2022

Horizon Forbidden West has received a massive update recently adding the much-coveted New Game Plus alongside a plethora of other stuff.

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Unlike some other games, you don’t get to start a New Game Plus directly in the Main Menu itself. This makes it quite easy for players to start a new playthrough, but Guerilla Games have decided to make the option available inside the game itself. To start a new game Plus in Horizon Forbidden West, you need to first hop into the game.

Do note that New Game Plus can only be accessed if you have finished the game at least once. Once you have done that, simply load the save game in which you have completed the game. From there, you need to head on to the main hub area in the game. This is known as The Base, and you can find it by simply opening the map and looking for it in the central part.


Once you find the Hub, keep heading straight until you find a large room. Here, you will see Beta and a number of candles lit in the center of the room. Go closer to the metal structure in the room and you will get a prompt to start New Game Plus.

If you are new to the New Game Plus mechanic, then you might be wondering what stuff you will get when you start this new playthrough. Basically, all the items you have earned in your first playthrough stays, and the enemies get much harder. Along with that, there are some new weapons that can be obtained as well, which you can find below. You can find the weapons in the shop.

  • Rain of Sparks – Legendary Warrior Bow
  • Iriv’s Downfall – Legendary Sharpshot Bow
  • Legacy’s Reach – Legendary Blastsling
  • Brawlbreaker -Legendary Boltblaster
  • Tears of The Land God – Legendary Hunter Bow
  • All Mother’s Blessing – Legendary Warrior Bow
  • The Final Chapter- Legendary Shredder Gauntlet
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