How To Steal In NBA 2K22

By Dean James

September 10, 2021

NBA 2K22 is the latest entry in the annual 2K Sports franchise and one of the major keys to winning any game to knowing how to steal the ball from your opponents.

There are many aspects of the game of basketball that you have to master to win games, especially if you’re looking to even stay in the game with the elite players online.

Taking the ball right out of the hands of the opposing players is obviously one way to help yourself win games, but it can be a risky maneuver to try to pull off a lot of the time.

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NBA 2K22 | MyTEAM Trailer

NBA 2K22 | MyTEAM Trailer

How To Steal The Ball In NBA 2K22

There are many different techniques that can help you on the defensive end in NBA 2K22, with the ability to steal the ball being very vital.

Getting the ball out of the opposing team’s hands and possibly taking it on a fast break to score yourself can be a major shift of momentum in your favor

Unlike some of the areas such as dunking or the shot meter that have been changed in this year’s game on next-gen at least, stealing is pretty much as you would expect in this year’s game.

To steal the ball as a defender, press the Square button or the respective platform equivalent to reach out and try to grab the ball. This can be done when the dribbler is nearby or when the ball is in the passing lane.

This obviously isn’t something you can just keep doing to steal the ball though, as it is risky to try this. If you don’t execute the steal perfectly, you will end up getting a reach-in foul against the player.

Fouls are not something you can afford too many times, so you have to be smart about when you try to use the steal in a game. Use them when it looks like the player is dribbling the ball a little too carelessly and hopefully you can knock it and turn it into fastbreak points on the other end of the court.

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