How to Take a Snapshot of Shinx, Blitzle, or Furfrou In Pokemon GO

By Dean James

September 21, 2021

Pokemon GO Fashion Week is the latest part of the Season of Mischief, with one of the first tasks in new Timed Research asking you to take a snapshot of Shinx, Blitzle, or Furfrou.

Fashion Week is centered around the brand new to Pokemon GO Pokemon known as Furfrou and all of its different forms.

Alongside Furfrou comes a Fashion Week Timed Research, which will task you multiple times with taking snapshots of certain wild Pokemon.

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Pokémon Unite | Mobile Launch Trailer

How To Take A Snapshot of Shinx, Blitzle, or Furfrou in The Wild

Taking a snapshot is easy when you have already caught a Pokemon, as all you have to do is hit the camera icon from that Pokemon within your Pokemon Storage. It is even easier to do so in the wild, as long as you remember to do it.

To take a snapshot in the wild, encounter said Pokemon and wait for them to show up on the screen. From there, you should see the camera icon in the very top middle of the screen.

Press it and then take a picture by hitting the camera icon that is now at the bottom middle of your screen. Take a few just in case and you should be good.

To take a snapshot of Shinx, Blitzle, or Furfrou specifically, you’re obviously going to have to find one of them first.

The good news here is that both Blitzle and Furfrou should be spawning in the wild pretty regularly. Just walk around in an area with spawns and it’s likely you’ll come across one. If you’re having trouble, try out an Incense or even a Lure if you are close enough to a PokeStop.

While Blitzle and Furfrou have increased spawn rates during this event, Shinx is not supposed to be spawning more often. Instead, you can get the new Fashionable Shinx in one of two ways, one of which will not help you with this task.

The first way to get a Fashionable Shinx during Fashion Week is by hatching a 7 km egg. However, that will not lead to an encounter with Shinx, so that won’t help you with this task.

Fashionable Shinx will also be showing up in one star raids during the week, which is where you will have to get one for this task. Just beat Shinx pretty easily and then follow the same steps as above to get a snapshot before catching them.

How To Take a Snapshot of Kirlia, Skitty, Sneasel, Croagunk, or Frillish In The Wild

After completing the first task, there will be additional tasks in the Fashion Week Timed Research that ask you to take snapshots of Kirlia or Skitty in the wild and then Sneasel, Croagunk, or Frillish in the wild as well later.

The Kirlia or Skitty task should be rather easy, as both will have increased spawns in the wild during this event. Just keep looking and you should at least find one of them pretty quickly.

As for the other three, Frillish and Fashionable Croagunk should be spawning more often in the wild, while you will have to look in one star raids for the new Fashionable Sneasel.

That should have you covered when it comes to the Snapshots for the Fashion Week Timed Research, so good luck on the rest and make sure to complete it by Tuesday, September 28 at 8:00 pm local time.

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