How To Temporarily Fix NBA 2K22 Squad Invite Not Working Issue

By Dean James

September 14, 2021

Playing with friends is always one of the best parts of every NBA 2K game, but there has been a squad invite not working issue that has been plaguing some players in NBA 2K22.

NBA 2K22 features plenty of different game modes for you to play, but the core of the experience is always MyCareer. This is where you create your own player and follow their NBA journey.

Since the release of NBA 2K22 last week though, many players have reported that squad invites have not been working, which is obviously very frustrating.

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NBA 2K21 – MyTEAM Season 9: Out of This World

What is the NBA 2K22 Squad Invite Not Working Glitch?

While playing in NBA 2K22’s MyCareer, you can team up with other players and form a squad to participate in games. This is done pretty simply through the use of your phone, where you can both send invites and receive invites.

On the surface, this should be pretty simple and is something that you shouldn’t have trouble with once you figure out how to do so.

However, that is not quite the case, as now there is a glitch that seems to be affecting a number of players in the game right now.

This bug for some reason makes it to where the squad invites you send do not work and just never go through, which in turn obviously makes them not show up for others to accept. This makes it impossible to squad up in NBA 2K22, but thankfully there is a somewhat fix that seems to work some of the time until we get an official fix.

How To Temporarily Fix Squad Invite Issue

As of right now, the temporary fix for the squad invite not working glitch in NBA 2K22 is to keep trying again and again. And by that, we mean keep trying to invite the same person over and over until it goes through.

There is no guarantee that this is going to work, but it does seem to eventually work a lot of the time when you try it.

This obviously can get quite tedious while trying to spam by sending invites, but it’s the only solution at this time. Hopefully 2K Sports will be on top of this and figure out a way to get this solved very soon, as inviting players to your squad is a major part of enjoying the online experience in NBA 2K22.

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