How To Unlock The Roost In Animal Crossing New Horizons

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November 4, 2021

Animal Crossing New Horizons fans have been asking for the addition of Brewster since the game’s launch and now he is finally here with the arrival of The Roost as part of update 2.0 and we now know how to unlock it.

Brewster owns his own coffee shop across Animal Crossing series and now he has been added in Animal Crossing New Horizons as one of the final major updates to the game.

Having a new location open up in Animal Crossing New Horizons can’t be just that easy though, as you have to go about actually unlocking the Roost through a series of steps.

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons | Ver. 2.0 Free Update

Animal Crossing: New Horizons | Ver. 2.0 Free Update

How To Unlock The Roost In Animal Crossing New Horizons

To start off, you have to make sure that you have updated your copy of Animal Crossing New Horizons to the 2.0 update first. This adds a lot of content to the game, which we have to be careful about if we want to start the Roost process on the first day.

Also, this is assuming you have already played a lot of the game and have fully unlocked the museum with Blathers prior.

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If you have done both of these, start by heading to the museum and speaking to Blathers. He will mention wanting to open up something with Brewster, but he doesn’t know where Brewster is and sends you off in search of him.

This will require you to go find him through the use of the newly added Kapp’n in the game who is found at the pier on your island. If you had talked to Kapp’n and gone on an island tour prior to speaking to Blathers, you’ll have to wait till the next day, as you can only do one per day.

Find Brewster here and speak with him and mention that Blathers was looking for him and he’ll give you a Gyroid Fragment and it’s not time to head back to your island.

At this point, head back and talk to Blathers to relay to him that you spoke with Brewster.

How Long Does It Take To Open?

After speaking with Blathers, he will be very excited to learn that Brewster is going to come to the island and everything. However, as we know with Animal Crossing nothing is instantaneous.

Blathers will tell you that he will have to close the museum the following day for renovations. Then the day after that the museum will reopen with cafe service in place, which will be The Roost.

That means you won’t be able to gain access to The Roost officially until the third day of playing after update 2.0. However, you can time travel if you’d like, but remember that can screw some things up with the game when you do so, but make sure you know the consequences for doing so.

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