How To Use Rainbow Six Extraction Buddy Pass

Squad up with your friends!

January 20, 2022

You’ve just picked up a copy of Rainbow Six Extraction and realised that it would be a whole lot more fun if you could squad up with your friends. Don’t worry, the new Buddy Pass feature is here to save the day.

Unfortunately, the feature hasn’t been released just yet but is expected to be coming soon. So, here’s how the Buddy Pass works and everything we know surrounding the delay.

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Rainbow Six Extraction Buddy Pass Delayed

Unfortunately, the Rainbow Six Extraction Buddy Pass feature hasn’t been rolled out just yet. Ubisoft took to Twitter to announce that there would be a short delay with the arrival of Buddy Pass, stating that it will be “held until shortly after launch”.

Ubisoft also claims that the feature was delayed to “ensure a smooth rollout for all players”. An exact release date for the Buddy Pass feature is expected to be announced within the coming days.

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Rainbow Six Extraction Buddy Pass Explained

If you own a full copy of Rainbow Six Extraction you will receive 2 ‘Buddy Tokens’, which allow you to invite up to two of your friends to the game, even if they don’t own it.

The Buddy Pass allows you to invite friends from other platforms too, but will only allow your friends to access a trial version of the game for 14 days before a full purchase must be made to continue playing.

Once the feature is available, you simply need to get your friends to download the trial version of the game on their respective platforms, then use the in-game friend list to invite them to your game. Check out the image below for more details.

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