How To Win As Ultraman, Kamen Rider, or Gundam in Namco Bandai’s Heroes’ VS

on December 6, 2012 12:10 AM

A few weeks ago we announced Heroes’ VS, a PSP game that throws tons of Gundam, Kamen Rider, and Ultraman characters against in a Dissisdia-like battle royale. Well, today more details have surfaced (via Siliconera) regarding the game’s battle system, and on what makes each group of fighters unique.

Essentially, Heroes’ VS boils down to your typical assortment of fighting action, including basic attacks, short and long-ranged attacks, combos, and “guided” attacks. But there will also be an ability to heal, and to use Spirit Points (or SP) for a variety of uses, including SP “Crush attacks”, Finishers, and stealing the enemies’ SP. With enough SP, players can also enter a “Finish Mode” where they can perform 1-hit kills for an instant win.

Story mode involves the collection of cards that offer special power ups and effects for stats, healing, movement, and special attacks. There will be over 400 cards to choose from, some common, and some rare.

As far as “Character Classes” go, the Kamen Rider group will focus on high speed, combos, and earning SP. They will also have a special “Belt Force Mode” that gives jump attacks extra power, and can be used infinitely during gameplay.

Ultraman characters rely heavily on defense, and breaking their enemies’ defense. They will also have a “Revive Burst Mode” that gives a low-health/high-SP character a huge stat-boost, and can only be used once per battle.

Gundam characters will have great mobility, movement bonuses, and a full SP bar at the start of a fight. They have long-ranged attacks, and can use an “Awakening” during Finish Mode that drops their enemies SP and leaves their enemies vulnerable to 1-hit kills.

Heroes’ VS will be coming to Japan on February 7, 2013, and hopefully to the West soon after. Check out the pictures below, and for more news, stay tuned to

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