How to Win This GTA V Banshee

How to Win This GTA V Banshee

You probably saw the news about West Coast Customs and Rockstar creating a reproduction of the in-game Banshee from GTA V. But you may not have known that this Banshee could be yours along with a check for $70,000. Sweepstakes end on September 30th so read on to get in on the action.

GameStop is running a sweepstakes where one lucky gamer can drive off with this car and a check. You can enter the sweepstakes four ways, but are limited to seventeen (17) entries per entrant per day. You can enter by making a purchase, trading a game, via mail or if you are a Power Up member you can use your points to gain extra entries as well:

1 entry – 200 points

7 entries – 1,000 points

15 entries – 2,000 points

Click here for some more beauty shots of the car and the official info on it.

Here are the Official Rules as well.

Good luck to you all, but I plan on maximizing my entries now. Are you?