How to Work Around Destiny’s Worst Flaw, Finding a Fireteam for Raids and Heroics Easily

How to Work Around Destiny’s Worst Flaw, Finding a Fireteam for Raids and Heroics Easily

I love Destiny. I really do. I’m actually irremediably addicted to it. Yet, it’s not free from flaws, and one, as I mentioned in my review, is particularly jarring: Bungie maintains that Destiny isn’t a MMO, but yeah, it is a MMO. If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck…

Whether they admit that their game is very much MMO-like or not, they overlooked the fact that it’s a kind of experience that requires extensive team building, and includes content involving a high degree of collaboration.

In order to clear the game’s raid and its nightfall/heroic strikes you need a team, and even less challenging content benefits immensely from having other people helping you along the way.

Many of those activities don’t have any built-in matchmaking, and unless you have regular friends or a clan to play with, meeting like-minded people to tread the Vault of Glass and challenge the dangers of space is bloody hindering awkward.

You can be standing in front of a bunch of people in the game’s “social” (hahahahahaha!) hub in the Tower, and all you’ll be able to do will be dancing in front of them like a goon and playing with a purple ball with weird physics. You’re not given the basic bare-bones ability to say, or even type, “hello folks, how are things?” let alone actually asking them for help or to join up for a mission.

I’m not sure what whoever decided this at Bungie was smoking, but it must have been the good stuff. That kind of good stuff that sends you on a trip around the galaxy and makes you see all those pretty colors…


But I’m digressing. The point is that communicating with strangers within the game is night impossible, and in a title like Destiny this doesn’t make the slightest sense.

Luckily, when game developers blunder, gamers are pretty quick in taking things in their hands, and they did in this case as well. A way to find a team for basically every mission quickly and relatively effortlessly exists in the form of the subreddit r/Fireteams/.

The first thing you need to do, if you still didn’t, is to make a Reddit account, then head to the “New” section of the subreddit in order to see the newest posts at the top. You can also visualize just a single platform by selecting it on the right of the page or clicking on the following links: PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3.

Once you’ve found the right area, just read the top messages (which will be the most recent) and pick the group or individual that fit your needs, you can either invite their gamertag/PSN username to your friend list and go from there, or respond with your own details and wait for their invite.

If you want to write your own message, click on the right on Submit a New Text Post. In the title field put your platform, class, level and desired activity. Include whether you’re looking for a fireteam or for members for your already formed team.


In the text field remember to include your PSN id or Xbox Live gamertag and any additional notes about what you’re looking for (for instance it’s polite to mention if it’s your first time attempting something), then click on “submit.” This will bring you to your newly posted ad. Click on “Please add a Thumbnail to your post” and you’ll be prompted to add an icon representing your platform. Finally select “Save” and you’ll be done.

Some will respond to your message giving you their id to add, others will directly add you, but the result will be that you’ll get what you need rather quickly and without too much hassle, despite Bungie’s little (or not so little) oversight.

If you prefer a more direct approach, there’s also an IRC chat dedicated to Destiny, which also allows looking or recruiting for a team, but it’s less focused on that, so it may or may not be quicker depending on what you’re looking for and on the time of day.

Of course this isn’t a surefire method to find the perfect team. Nothing like that exists, but I used both environments for a while, and I had very good results, since those that go as far as using Reddit for recruitment tend to be dedicated players, and as such fairly proficient.

Mind you, this isn’t an excuse for Bungie to stubbornly continue denying the fact that Destiny needs better means of communication within the game itself, but until they acknowledge the problem, it remains your best option short of working within a clan or with a pre-made circle of acquaintances.

You might even make new friends, and isn’t that what online games are made for?