How You Can Solo Destiny’s Nightfall Strike For This Week: Face the Fury of the Hive on Your Own

How You Can Solo Destiny’s Nightfall Strike For This Week: Face the Fury of the Hive on Your Own

This week’s nightfall strike in Destiny is The Summoning Pits on the Moon. Some will tell you that it requires three brave Guardians to complete, but it can actually be done solo with the right preparation and careful approach. I did it (twice, since I didn’t think about recording the first time) at level 28.

First of all, an apology. I originally intended to add a voiced explanation to the video below, but I have a bad cold and I doubt you want to hear me sniffle and sneeze into a mic, so you’ll have to be content with a written explanation.

First of all, you’ll need a good Arc based special and heavy weapon. Both fusion and sniper rifles are good for the special depending on your style, but personally I’d stick to a machine gun for the heavy, as it can be used much better on smaller enemies. Make sure to get some heavy and special ammo synths at the gunsmith. You’ll need them. In the video I used Thunderlord, but any decently upgraded legendary will be good, as long as it has the “Field Scout” perk, otherwise you may find yourself short of ammo.

Why Arc damage? Because Nightfall strikes have the “Arc Burn” Caveat, and Arc weapons will cause massive damage.

The first room is fairly easy. Just snipe away at the knights and the wizard (which should require two hits). Makes sure you clean it thoroughly, because you’ll need it as a fall back base later. Don’t use your heavy ammo synth here as some may be dropped soon.

Proceed into the second room and deploy your ghost. From now on you can’t die because you’ll be sent back to orbit. Time to be careful. Run back into the hallway, up a way.

A batch of thralls followed by cursed thralls and more thralls will come at you. Here grenades and your main weapon should be enough. Just make sure to kill the cursed thralls before they get too close because they will kill you with one proximity explosion.

Now things get serious: if you didn’t drop any heavy weapon ammo use a synthesis. You need to be especially careful to conserve ammunition. You can actually use a machine gun  almost like a single shot rifle as long as you press the trigger lightly, and for many smaller enemies that’s plenty. Also, be very aware of the cooldown timer of the ammo synthesis. If you find yourself short and there’s still a couple minutes left, just walk back to a safe spot and wait it out. Finding yourself out of ammo is lethal here.

After the thralls walk into the room, inch to the right of the barrier close to the entrance and aim at the gap between wall and a pillar right in front of you. Four knights will come in. Slaughter them with the machine gun. If you’re not fast enough and they start firing at you, just withdraw behind the corner of the entrance and recover. Jumping often as you move will help you immensely in avoiding damage with both knights and wizards.

When your ghost will say “it’s reconfiguring, hang tight,” step ahead a bit and aim between the wall and the pillar. A ton of acolytes will stream there. Try to kill them all before they can spread, then slaughter any stragglers.

Two wizards will come out. Time to withdraw behind the entrance again, then inch out carefully and snipe them down, or gun them down together with two knights and a few leftover acolytes. Once a wizard fires, it’s your cue to run.

The next wave will be more knights, more cursed thralls and more acolytes. Try to kill as many as you can before they can hide on the balcony right on top of you. It’s harder to root them out of there.

Once there are no more on the floor, walk to the stairs near the gate, but don’t overextend. Grenades help a lot here. Aim at the cursed thralls and they should explode killing the knights and leftover acolytes in the process.

Whether you’re ready or not, after a while four wizard (two named and two Hallowed) will come out from the back of the room. Situational awareness is key here, and if you don’t notice them coming you’re dead. That’s your cue. Don’t linger and run all the way back to the first room. This group has a longer leash than the rest and will follow you in the hallway. Inch to the left of the rock to the right and gun the wizards down making sure you aren’t hit by them.

If you hide for too long they might withdraw. In that case you’ll need to go back down to the gate and draw them out, repeating until they’re all dead.

Once the wizards are dead, the gate should open. If it doesn’t, it means that there are a few more enemies left on the balcony. Kill them carefully by jumping, throwing grenades and aiming at the cursed thralls (dying here would suck a lot), and then go forth. Be careful that a couple cursed thralls may still be roaming even after the gate opens. Don’t get killed by them, but if they’re close you should hear their creepy wail.

The next room is fairly easy. Snipe the knight and the Ogre at the other exit, then take care of the trash. Just be careful that thralls might come from both the left and the right here. Keep your ears open for the wail of the cursed thralls, then proceed.

After continuing your descent into the darkness you’ll find yourself in a large hallway. Snipe the enemies to your right (there can be either a knight or a wizard both to the right and the left, they’re random), then those to your left and proceed cautiously. If you don’t see thralls to the left, be extremely careful. Two thralls and quite a few acolytes love to hide behind a door just after the ascending stairs to the balcony. At times they come out earlier and you can snipe them out. At times they don’t, and they’ll spawn right to your left. Use the machine gun to kill them all.

A tomb ship will drop a few enemies in the open area on your right. Snipe them and grab any ammo they might drop, then enter the final hallway with the two hallowed knights. Your machine gun should make short work of them both.

At last, you’ll reach the boss room. Before you get close and the door opens, check your ammo. If you aren’t close to full use a synthesis. If they’re on cooldown, just wait for it to expire. As the door opens, start shooting the knights, thralls and acolytes. Don’t touch the boss yet. You don’t want it to free himself before you’re in position.

After a few waves, inch out and make sure nothing else is in the immediate vicinity, then make a run for the left. You need to jump in a gap between the rocks right at the edge of the room. That should keep you safe from all incoming shots. If you’re hit, crouch.

Use the protection of the rocks to take pot shots at everything in the room. Knights and acolytes armed with that pesky screaming missile launcher are the number one threats. Once they’re all dead the boss will free himself. Start gunning him down and sniping him down. He should drop fairly quickly.

If you run out of ammo, just hunker down and use a synthesis. If they are on cooldown you can just wait it out, as you’re virtually invulnerable. Just make sure you’re at the bottom of the gaps between the rocks and crouched.

When a tomb ship appears to your left, that’s the cue that more enemies are coming. They shouldn’t be a problem, but feel free to kill them if too many accumulate and shooting becomes a problem.

That’s it. If you followed everything carefully, and you’re good, you should have managed to solo the Nightfall strike. Congratulations! Hopefully you won’t get a single crappy legendary shotgun like I did.