This is How You’ll Meet Other Players In The Division

This is How You’ll Meet Other Players In The Division

The way people play shooters has always changed year by year. For a long time, Call of Duty was the leader in these changes, as Treyarch or Infinity Ward would add little spins onto their titles that would change the way that people experience shooters, and other games would follow their lead.

Lately, we’ve seen a lot of shooters adopting the “Shared World Shooter” play-style. This sort of experience was popularized by Planetside 2, and was recently built upon by Destiny. Another game that shares this sort of MMOFPS approach is The Division.

In the Division you’ll be going throughout New York City in a shared world with other players, but how is the way that you’ll find and interact with these players different than how you do it on those other titles?

Frednik Rundqvist, the Executive Producer for The Division had this to say:

There are three ways that you can meet up with other people in the game. It’s in the social hub or the Green Zone where you just walk around and bump into people, or you invite people to your co-op group, which is 1-4 people, plus the guy on the tablet (mobile game). Then we have the seamless integration with the PvP zone and there, you will be able to [engage] with people as well

Seamless PVP could mean that you’ll stumble upon players in certain area’s in the city, and the PVP experience will start there, unlike Destiny which requires you to load up the Crucible game type.

It’ll be interesting to see how Ubisoft balances this system to make the game fun, and keep away would be griefers and trolls.