Hsien Ko and Sentinel Confirmed for MVC3

on January 27, 2011 9:50 PM

Hsien Ko and Sentinel Confirmed for MVC3

Told you so! Just yesterday the leaked images from a German magazine showed off Sent and Ko, but their unofficial nature made them much less than a confirmation. Today the characters are confirmed and we’ve got the game play videos to prove it. As I had anticipated early on, the leaked list that appeared in mid-December was entirely correct.

Ko steps in with many of her trademark moves, although some work differently. She can still run in the air, swing on a chain, throw multiple level projectiles, and sound a gong to reflect projectiles and probably charges. Her anvil drop and rows of swords have been changed to super attacks however. Her ultra appears to be some kind of power up, though I couldn’t really tell how it worked.

Then of course there is Sentinel, who was the OVP to fear in MVC2. He looks a lot more cleaned up this time around though. He’s got a full suite of projectiles and he appears to be much slower than in the previous game. He’s still got his extending fists and feet, as well as his flight mechanic. Only time will tell if he’s still broken. Marvel vs. Capcom 3 launches on February 15th. Hit the break for the trailers.

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