HTC Vive Focus to Launch Internationally Later This Year

HTC Vive Focus to Launch Internationally Later This Year

HTC's first standalone headset, Vive Focus is anticipated to launch sometime this year and will provide an immersive experience without a PC or phone.

Today at GDC, virtual reality frontrunner, HTC has announced new information regarding its standalone headset the HTC Vive Focus.

According to the press release, the company is anticipating to launch the new head mount display internationally sometime this year. Although the company does not have a precise release date at this point, it is confident that the headset will be ready to go by the time 2018 concludes.

Initially announced back in January during CES, the HTC Vive Focus bridges the gap between PC and mobile devices and allows consumers to enjoy an immersive virtual reality experience without the limitations of wires, the use of a phone, or a high-end VR-ready PC.

Powered by a new program called Vive Wave this software unifies the development experience for standalone and mobile VR devices. The Vive Focus was designed to appeal to a broader range of mass market audiences as well as commercial/enterprise users who want explore and provide VR experiences in a convenient and portable way without any limitations.

Additionally, HTC also announced today that developers who deliver content to Viveport in China, whether it’s for the Vive Focus or PC VR headset Vive, they will receive 100% of rev-share from their title sales and Viveport subscription in China beginning next month until September.

In other HTC news, earlier this week, the company announced the price for its VR headset the HTC Vive Pro, as well as confirming that the original model would receive a permanent price drop, effective immediately.