HTC Announces Two New Vive VR Games as Well as an Excellent Halloween Deal

HTC Announces Two New Vive VR Games as Well as an Excellent Halloween Deal

Vive announces two new experiences for their headset now available, as well as a unique Halloween promotion for their Fallout 4 VR bundle now until 11/11.

HTC has announced a special new promotion for their flagship VR hardware — the HTC Vive — to accompany Steam’s Halloween sale, as well as two VR titles — one that reinvents home remodeling and another one that gives you a new residence in SteamVR.

To celebrate Halloween, Vive is adding a special treat for this year’s Steam Halloween Sale. From now until November 11, those purchase an HTC Vive through HTC Vive’s official Steam page will receive Star Trek: Bridge Crew, free of charge.

According to the press release, TrueScale is a new VR experience, which allows users to generate 2D and 3D floor plans, as well as creating full room-scale environments. On top of that, Truescale will enable you to go the extra mile and add furnishings (courtesy of Wayfair) into your virtual home.

The other game takes an entirely different turn. Based on the real-life scenery of the Pacific Northwest, Driftwood allows users to remodel their HTC Vive space by transporting players into an interactive and social world. In addition to exploring the beach, you can do various other activities within the world; this includes inviting friends into a private lobby, showing off your accolades and organizing all the awards you received.

You can check out the new trailers for TrueScale and Driftwood down below: