Hu Tao Story Quest - How to Complete Perfect Send Off Door Puzzle

Hu Tao Perfect Send-Off quest is now available in Genshin Impact, but it has some tricky puzzles.

If you follow the latest Genshin Impact news, you probably know that Hu Tao is the brand new character joining the roster of travelers in the game’s world. Similar to most of the players, you will probably start completing the Hu Tao story quest once you entered the game after the character’s arrival, however, it seems there’s one tricky step in the quest that avoids players from completing the challenge. Here you will find out how to solve the door puzzle in the Perfect Send-Off quest.

Hu Tao Story Quest – Hidden Doors and Yellow Signs

In a step called “Follow the Path to the Border”, you will find yourself in a temple-like place where you need to fight some enemies from place to place and open some mysterious doors by looking correctly at the yellow signs. While this part isn’t the main problem with the quest, you might find it tricky as well. You will find a few yellow signs on the rocks, and you need to look at them in a way that those signs make one unique icon. In order to this, you need to stand on a yellowish light on the ground and then adjust your camera so many times until the signs turn light yellow and the door opens. Try changing your position on the yellow spot on the ground if you can’t make the signs blip.

Hu Tao Story Quest – The Door With a Spider Web

Now, moving to the main puzzle, you will find yourself in a room with a big door, where a huge spider web is visible on the left-hand side. In the middle of the room, there’s a blue orb. Grab it but don’t use it. Destroy the spider web and go beyond it. Go inside the cave and swim to the left until you find a new path. Follow the path and you will find yourself on a way blocked with some boxes. Go past the boxes and once you spot a green portal, turn left. Now, you will find yourself in the same mystery door’s room once again with another blue orb available and the spider web recreated. Grab the orb and lighten up both lanterns near the door to open it.

You are almost done. Follow the yellow objective points and you will reach the final cut-scene, which is a confirmation for the challenge completion.

Genshin Impact is available for free on PS4, PC, and Mobile.

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