PS Vita Puzzle Platformer Hue’s New Trailer Shows Off Unique Color-Based Gameplay

PS Vita Puzzle Platformer Hue’s New Trailer Shows Off Unique Color-Based Gameplay

Puzzle platformer Hue had a new gameplay trailer released today in celebration of its release for the PS Vita in North America and Europe digitally via the PlayStation Network.

The video, featured below, shows off the game’s unique color-based mechanics, which sees players controlling titular lead character Hue across a vast variety of levels, each immersed in a unique linear art style, while professional UK voice actress Anna Acton narrates in the background.

The title sees Hue on a journey to solve his mother’s disappearance. As he begins to piece together her discarded research, he ultimately discovering the ability to see the world’s hidden color and change it to alter reality.

As he uncovers new details involving his mother, Hue’s able to manipulate the game world in increasingly sophisticated ways. By transforming the background color of the world, he can manipulate objects, unlock new areas, and interact with new aspects of the environment. Along the way, Hue will meet a diverse cast of imaginative characters in a witty and wonderful world filled with inventive puzzles and the tendency to instill a genuine sense of wonder. Hue also features support for a multitude of color-changing LED devices, and offers a full-blown colorblind mode by utilizing unique symbols as a color aid.

Some other features in the game include a unique color-matching mechanic, a story mode, a world full of characters to talk to, each with their own personality and story, a silhouetted art style over 30 original music tracks composed exclusively for the game, and professionally voiced narration by the aformentioned Anna Acton, known onscreen in UK television.