Huge Resogun Update Coming to PS4 Tomorrow

Huge Resogun Update Coming to PS4 Tomorrow

Housemarque, the developers of Resogun, want to get you ready for their new Heroes expansion pack. To do this, they’ve readied a new update that will launch tomorrow that will add a few new layers to your experience as a thank you to those who supported the game.

These new changes include:

A Ship Editor – You’ll be able to create your own ship, move the afterburners and weapons around, and also change the agility, boost, and overdrive stats. The ship editor lets you also share and download ships from your friends and others in the community.

Local Co-op – You can now play at home with a friend or family member with local cooperative play. Take on the game with two ships instead of one.

Additional Trophies – The Heroes expansion is going to come with tons of new trophies, but this update also comes with a few of its own. Housemarque will be releasing a Trophy guide in the coming weeks to help out those who have trouble fulfilling the achievements.

Hall of Fame – The leader-boards are going to be wiped with this new update, however to honor those who spilled their blood, sweat, and tears to get their high scores, there will be a Hall of Fame introduced.

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