Huge Skullgirls Update Coming to the PSN Tomorrow

Huge Skullgirls Update Coming to the PSN Tomorrow


When Skullgirls released earlier this year, we enjoyed it so much we gave it an 8.5, citing how great a fighting game it was, especially for a $15 price tag.  But even great, it wasn’t without its problems, which is why developer Reverge Labs and lead designer Mike Zaimont released the game’s first patch a few months later. Now Reverge is releasing the Slightly Different EditionPatch, with than 300 changes, first announced on the official Skullgirls twitter feed a few days ago.


Seems Reverge has been busy. And now we know the patch will go live tomorrow on the PSN.

Over at the Shoryuken forums, Zaimont released details for the patch, including:

  • Unlocks bonus colors for all the characters.
  • Improves online play.
  • A new Tournament mode.
  • An improved Training Mode., including character tutorials.
  • In-game movelists have finally been added.
  • Ranked matches online are now blind-pick, meaning gamers cannot see who their opponent is choosing until after choosing a stage.
  • Matchmaking has been streamlined to make more matches available, and now North American and European regions can fight against each other.

And while the release date for the 360 hasn’t been given yet, they too are bound for many of the same fixes, plus some of their own, including improved loading times.

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