Huge Updates Coming Soon to Titanfall

on June 24, 2014 5:43 PM

I was tempted to say ‘titan’ sized updates are coming to Titanfall. Respawn Entertaiment announced a huge amount of updates coming soon to Titanfall.

Update Four will see some new modes like Marked for Death and Wingman Last Titan Standing. Another cool thing are the Titan Burn Cards which are Burn Cards that cater to your giant death machine.

Marked for Death marks one player on each team for death, which means you can to kill them in order to win the round while protecting you’re teammate who also has been marked.

What I’m really looking forward are the Titan insignias and the option to change the voice of your Titan’s computer. Check out the long list of updates coming to Titanfall very soon. Which new change are looking forward to?


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