Hulu for PlayStation Vita Hinted By A Sony Marketing Rep

Since E3 2011 Sony has taken the time to strategically announce any and all extras making their appearance on the PlayStation Vita. Among the connected services announced were Netflix, Twitter, Skype and Flickr. While those four services are well and good in their own right, there was a huge glaring omission — one that has already made a name for itself on the PS3 — and that is Hulu Plus. If you were worried about not being able to stream your favorite prime time shows on that gorgeous OLED display, I think you can now put those concerns to rest.

While discussing the PlayStation Vita in an  interview with The Hollywood Reporter , senior VP of marketing and PlayStation Network at SCEA Guy Longworth stated that “This is a new distribution platform for Hollywood… We have a partnership with Netflix and Hulu; this is a new way for them to distribute content.” According to Sony’s PS Vita Ultimate FAQ published only a week ago, when asked about Hulu, the official response was “Additional video content will be available to download… but details on other video services have not yet been announced.” This leads us to believe that Hulu (or Hulu Plus, whatever it’s going to be called) is something very much in the works but it’s a feature the company isn’t ready to talk about just yet.

With that  I guess when we can throw this one into the obvious pile because at this point when it comes to talking about a service like Hulu Plus the question isn’t really if — but when. Before today there was surprisingly no discussions about Hulu’s video service making an appearance on Sony’s new handheld but I’m glad (even if unofficial) that the cat is now out of the bag. Now the only question that remains  is how long will we have to wait for it to happen.

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